Cover some Booty!

I am a mother, and even before I was a mother, I was always very maternal. Babies are my weak spot and whenever I hear of babies in need, I melt. Whenever I hear of someone trying to save all the babies in need, I melt more! This is only one of the reasons why I am so inspired by my beautiful friend, Kerrigan Cornwell.

Kerrigan is dedicated to bettering the world, one diaper at a time! While volunteering her time to the less fortunate is nothing new to her, she has recently taken it to an even bigger step. After hearing from a neighbor that there are babies in Haiti who go without necessities such as diapers, Kerrigan decided to take things into her own hands.

As most of us know, the island nation Haiti is not nearly as advanced as the United States. Haiti has the highest maternal and infant mortality rate in the entire Western Hemisphere, and so many of the deaths are preventable. There are birthing centers in Haiti that are solely run by donations and volunteers as a nonprofit. These birthing units supply expectant mothers with prenatal care, postpartum care, and the birth of their babies. Without these centers, many mothers and their babies wouldn’t receive any medical attention and would face huge risks including diseases, infections, and death. Even so, not every baby is accommodated with the supplies they need, like – you guessed it – diapers! They are in need of such simple supplies so their chances of contracting and spreading deadly diseases shrink.

Kerrigan felt inspired and after doing some research, she got together with some co-workers at Enterprise and shared her vision. Her team is actively collecting t-shirts from customers, friends, family, anyone willing & able to donate. Each t-shirt will then be made into two reusable cloth diapers to send to birthing centers in Haiti. Right now, they have already sent off the first 150 shirts to be made into diapers and off to the babies who need them. She has another approximately 800 shirts waiting to be sewed!

So, what can YOU do to help? Do you have any old t-shirts you are ready to throw out anyways? Can you sew? We are still collecting t-shirts from anybody who can help out! However, Kerrigan says their biggest hump right now is the process of making the diapers. Since this is not with any organization and it is just being organized by this small group of 6 people locally, it has been hard to find people ready to take on the task of sewing the t-shirts into the diapers. If you can sew, we have a pattern, but it can be any cloth diaper pattern you are comfortable with. Whether you want to take this project on individually, or you know a group of moms, church women, anyone with some extra time on their hands that want to volunteer some of that time and their skill, let me know!10610649_10209544626317368_3949142167661706296_n

PLEASE feel free to contact me if you are able to help in anyway. I can arrange to meet for donations, or I can get you Kerrigan’s contact information if you want to take on some t-shirts and start sewing away!

With the help of volunteers, donations, and all the time and efforts these Enterprise employees are committing to, many babies’ lives will be changed (and saved!) before they even know it. Talk about real life superheroes!

XOXO, Shelby


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  1. Rachel Pierce · April 13, 2016

    I love this! 🙂


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