TV Deaths I’ll Never Recover From

Hi. My name is Shelby, and I am a TV junkie.

****SPOILERS AHEAD – on multiple shows, so if you aren’t caught up – read at your own risk!****

Anything from Glee, to The Walking Dead, to anything by Shonda Rhimes – I have probably seen it. That being said – I have know a lot of grief and mourned far too many fictional characters. Whether it is a main character that we lost or a character that was only briefly in the story, it’s usually the way the scene is written and the way the actors portray it that gets my emotions going. Recently, my husband and I have just started Prison Break on Netflix (HOLY HELL! How have I never seen this before, because – It. Is. AWESOME!) and last night I witnessed my first tear-jerker death of the series. As I was in bed an hour later and still sad over his death, I couldn’t help but mourn my other favorite best friends characters that I was NOT ready to lose!

David “Tweener” Apolskis – Prison BreaktweenerIt’s still too early for me to talk clearly about this one. I cried so hard when I watched his final episode last night. He FINALLY had his hero moment, expressed himself to the girl, saved the guys, and DIES! That is not acceptable!

George O’Malley – Grey’s AnatomyOMALLEYIf you didn’t cry during this entire thing, you have no soul. I’m still clinging onto hope that it was all a mess-up and it wasn’t George – maybe he had a secret twin with the same birthmark!

Daniel Grayson – RevengedanielYou either hated this guy or loved him. Seriously, there was no in between. He went right from one extreme to the other. And just as he seems to have changed for the better permanently, he ends up at Emily’s defense (there’s your mistake!) against the woman who ends up murdering him. And it was not a quick death, there was even time for him to know he was dying and get all emotional with Em.

Mike Delfino – Desperate HousewivesmikedelfinoIf you ever need encouragement to stay away from loansharks & bad people – here ya go. Poor Mike! AND SUSAN! As he is telling her how much he loves her…BAM BAM! Drive-by shooting. Why do these things happen?!?!

Zeek Braverman – ParenthoodzeekYou couldn’t have laid it out any better that viewers needed to brace themselves for his death, but I still spent the entire final season hoping he would get better, fight it out, become immortal… Well, he didn’t and it was his sweet wife who found him dead. Bawling – such sweet love – and then the family scatters his ashes on a baseball field… Perfect. Oh, Bravermans, I miss you!! (*Also: I cried all over again as I posted this photo!*)

Beth Greene – The Walking DeadBethWhat. the actual. F-Bomb. I am pretty sure that this was not meant to happen. How do you start SO MANY new storylines with this beautiful, talented actress & get her and Daryl into this weird relationship that I sort of loved, and then kill her?! If you haven’t cried over Beth’s death yet – go back and watch it, but watch Daryl’s face. 😥

Quentin Fields – One Tree HillquentinIn typical bad-guy-turned-good, “Q” was the guy we hated and then grew to love after hearing more about him. Just as we are rooting for his success, he ends up in the wrong place, wrong time and walks into a robbery where he is shot. (BY BROOKE’S ATTACKER!) OTH, you kill me.

Charlie Place – LostCharlieThis show was not good for many things, but it got tons of tears with their death scenes! Charlie was by far the most emotional and biggest loss to the story. How heartbreaking is it to know that Claire and her baby are now Charlie-less! Or maybe they aren’t. Maybe they never even existed. Who the hell knows. That show is messsssssed.

Finn Hudson – GleefinnWhether or not you watched Glee, you probably heard about the death of actor Cory Monteith caused by overdose. The show chose to write Finn out much in the same way. They never gave a cause of death, but in a voiceover they mention that it’s not important how he died, but how he lived that matters. I cried the next probably five episodes and then just gave up watching the show. Not only is it a sad loss to watch, but you can see his real-life girlfriend and costar, Lea Michelle struggle with the loss on very serious grounds.

Nadia DeCotis – Chicago P.D.nadia*crying brb* Another example of the character who is living a mess & turns her life around. Nadia is an ex-hooker/druggie/addict who goes to rehab, turns it around, and ends up working with the cops (That’s how they all do it in Chicago, apparently). She ends up being kidnapped by a suspect and murdered in quite a dramatic & horrifying way. Actually – Greg Yates (her killer) still gives me nightmares.

Hank Schrader – Breaking Badhank schraderThere was ONE character in this show that I liked. ONE. HANK – freaking – SCHRADER. So, of course, guess what happens — he’s dead. Thanks, Walt.

Mark Sloan & Lexie Grey – Grey’s AnatomyMark and LexieRomeo & Juliet had nothing on them. I am pretty sure Mark did not die from injuries sustained during the crash or no other reason than a broken heart. Because Mark & Lexie were meant to be. And Shonda Rhimes ruined that. She’s a life-ruiner.

Declan Porter – RevengedeclanBecause Jack Porter has not suffered enough – let’s kill off his kid brother, too. Really though, this was another death I saw coming but didn’t quite want to admit. And poor Charlotte!!

Aiden – The Originals


Josh & Aiden were the most perfect couple that was never meant to be. While they were not in the spotlight, it is JUST LIKE dark vampire tv shows to ruin love for us once again. As soon as they decide to be together and happy and make plans, Aiden is killed. *STOP DOING THIS TO ME!*

Jerry Grant Jr. – ScandaljerryjrKids’ deaths are always the hardest to handle. Especially since we were already so on edge this entire episode anyways.

Dell Parker – Private PracticedellLiterally nobody hated Dell. He was the sweet, single(ish) dad who put nobody before his daughter. (The poor girl lost her mom after a meth-lab explosion earlier). The most surprising death ever on TV goes to him.

Leo Hendrie – Chasing LifeleoOKAY – I GET IT. This shouldn’t have shocked me the way it did. But Leo was not supposed to die. Cancer can suck it – I am still bitter. And April is CLEARLY a freaking mess without him, so.. that was a mistake!

What TV character deaths hit you like a million bricks and brought on those ugly cries? Share them with me!

XOXO, Shelby


One comment

  1. Esther · March 31, 2016

    I agree with all of these that I have seen! Nadia’s death absolutely broke my heart and the fact that they didn’t even do it on her show makes it worse. Not only did I feel like she had such a future but they killed her off so brutally and the trial gave us so much detail. Still heartbroken. Same with Dell. He was one of my favorite characters. And Slexie (Lexie and Mark Sloan). I think those deaths were the worst for me on any TV show.


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