15 Spring Wardrobe NEEDS

In true Iowan fashion, I am so looking forward to the warmer weather we are being teased with! Granted, our spring season is constantly bouncing between wind, rain, sunshine, and the occasional heat flash, but with it all, comes spring fashion!

I like to think that my style has evolved with my life. While I am still drawn to the same trends, I am no longer the skinny teenager who can wear whatever I please and not be judged or have any, um, “assets” falling out unwelcomed. Lets be real, mommas, fashion is hard to adjust to once you become someone’s mother!

This year, I have decided to dress a little less like the frazzled mom I have begun to feel like, and channel my inner Reese Witherspoon & Kate Middleton. It is almost time to empty all the winter clothes out of our closets and I am just getting too excited for what that means – new spring clothes to fill that void! After some intense research, NYFW browsing, and honest-to-God clothing envy, these are my Top 15 Must Haves that I NEED for this season.

(To my husband: If you are reading this, please just don’t pay attention to the immense amounts of online shopping that I am sure will happen in the next few days. It’s for a greater good!)


1. Midi Skirt – I love the classic shape these skirts give without too much effort. These will obviously be reserved for the sunshine days, but I envy girls in the South who can wear these all spring long! (Also – please know that I am 90% positive I should be a Southern Belle.) These skirts can be worn casual or formal, to work or for play!


Blogger: Natalie


2. Jumpsuits – I am 5’4″ and have curves, (thanks kiddos!). I used to be so scared to wear ANYTHING like a romper or jumpsuit because I was horrified at how it would hang on my curves and fit my figure. Last summer, I purchased my first (all-black) jumpsuit from a local boutique (Mint LA Boutique)… and the rest is history. This spring, I cannot wait to experiment with brighter colors & more POP!

3. Cape Blazer – OMG! This is all new to me. The concept, the style, and even my love for it! Recently, a good friend of mine blogged about her new love – the cape blazer – and of course, being the “do as they say” consumer I am, I HAD to check this out! Ladies, if you have not tried this, you HAVE to! (Start with Rachel‘s blog over at polkadotsandpopcorn). This is perfect for those in-between days where it’s too chilly to go without sleeves, but might warm up to be too hat for a blazer. Thank you for changing my life, Rachel!


Victoria Beckham


4. Flats with Color – I am new to the world of flats. As I mentioned above, I am short and have always loved a good wedge-heel. However, after two children, pets, and days packed with tons of errands, I have learned to love the comfort of flats & I am so excited for this snow to melt and to be able to break out these beauties again! How cute are they!? You can rock flats with cropped pants, dresses, skirts… You name it!


5. Kimono – Another article of clothing I am new to is the kimono. I usually am not into the bohemian trends, but the femininity of these soft, flowy, works of art have me intrigued! I keep seeing more and more of these – so since they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon, I might as well join the party! These are so gorgeous and can be played down for daytime or dressed up with heels for nighttime!


6. Floral Prints –  April showers bring May flowers!! Spring is my favorite season for fashion because I love seeing everyone’s wardrobe (and my closet!) suddenly brighten up and come to life with these gorgeous colors and prints. I am a sucker for all things feminine and soft. Spring is the best time to begin to introduce these statement prints into your wardrobe & what better way to do it than with florals! Whether they are in hair accessories, dresses, pants – you can’t go wrong here!


7. Cold Shoulders – So, I just got a tattoo (two actually!) this year, and one is on the back of my shoulder. Needless to say, I have found myself being drawn to clothing that will keep me warm, but still show off my new ink. I was so excited when, browsing through New York Fashion Week photos, I saw SO many off-the-shoulders or bare shoulder pieces! Bring it on, 2016!


Selena Gomez in J. Mendel


8. Sleeved Maxi Dress – I LIVE in maxi dresses as soon as the weather hits about 70F. Literally, they worked for me through both my pregnancies, they work to casually run errands, and they work to go out and celebrate with my husband. Most of my dresses are strapless or skinny straps, since its 70. However – I can barely contain myself to wait that long to wear maxis again, and these styles with sleeves are my answer! YES!


9. Fun Jackets – I love to layer and accessorize. It’s functional to layer because in Iowa, our days can literally have rain, wind, and sunshine all within one afternoon. And accessorizing – well – that’s just a fun way to add pops of color! Don’t forget, that is what spring fashion is about, loves! You can have so many jackets; denim, leather, blazers, cardigans, trench, military, utility… Here’s just a couple of my favorites.


10. Hats – I am a baseball hat kind of girl. Blame it on my momma, brothers, or husband – but I could live in a baseball cap. Not even in the “didn’t feel like washing my hair today” way (although, lets be honest – hats are a savior on those days!) but I just love the comfort and casual vibes hats give off. I have become so in love with all hats now though, blame it on my Southern feels, but how adorable and sassy are these!! Give me them all, please!


Reese Witherspoon


11. Preppy Button-Ups – *Channeling my inner Reese here!* I love this style! You can’t go wrong with it & it is so cute and easy to throw together! Bonus points if you pair it with some pearls and cute flats!


Reese Witherspoon

12. White Denim – I say this optimistically. Please remember I am a mother of two small children. I have worn white pants ONCE since having children – they were maternity pants – and it ended with my then-toddler pooping all over them. THANK YOU DAUGHTER. Now that she is older and my son is too wild to sit on my lap for long periods of time, I am growing confident enough to invest in a non-maternity pair! Seriously, white makes EVERYTHING seem lighter and brighter and more girly! SO ME!!


Kristin Cavallari


13. Low Top Sneakers – I have had the same pair of low-top Converse sneakers for almost 4 years now. Seriously, they are THAT fantastic and durable. But…they are grey, and grey is soooo not a spring color! (That’s my excuse to tell my husband when he asks if the 4 new pairs of identical shoes – different colors – were really necessary!) Another great shoe for the transition from boots to sandals!

Pop Of Red Pop Of Red Pre Spring Outfit





14. Scarves – My biggest obsession this winter was blanket scarves! I have been wearing the crap out of them and they are about the only reason I will miss this chilly weather! So, of course I have to transition myself out of them. And what better way to do that than with lighter fabric, brighter color scarves!? These are the perfect addition to just about any casual spring outfit!


Lilly Pulitzer


15. Horizontal Stripes – My momma will roll her eyes at this one, she has never been a fan of stripes, and honestly – neither have I. But as I creep on my fashion icons, one of the common denominators seems to be this preppy look – bound together by none other, than horizontal stripes. *GASP!* 


Kate Middleton


Well, there you have it. A look into my dream Spring closet. Now lets see if I can make this a reality before my husband catches on to my plan to single-handedly fix our economy with my shopping spree! What are YOUR spring must-haves and biggest obsessions that you are looking forward to rockin’ these next few months?! I’d love to see your looks!

XOXO, Shelby

One comment

  1. Megan · March 3, 2016

    Great read Shelby! I am right there with you on each of these trends!


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